Qasîdas do not form a distinct genre within Badakhshanian poetry; in view of their length and subject matter, qasîdas occupy a position somewhere between a ghazal and a hikâyat.

In Badakhshanian poetry, the names given to the poems in the poems themselves are never very precise. The poems that we refer to as qasîdas in the descried collection are arranged separately from both hikâyats and ghazals, because of the number of lines: they are too long to be ghazals, and too short to be hikâyats.

Outside madâh, qasîdas occur only rarely, nor are qasîdas often found within madâh. The term qasîda seems nevertheless to be well‑known and is also used in a notebook of madâh‑poetry owned by Dawlatmamad Niyozmamadov,